Who Ya Gonna Call?

When it comes to his fourth birthday, Tucker is not afraid of no ghost! This Ghostbuster fan got the ultimate Ghostbuster birthday party. I made a shirt of a ghost holding up four fingers, slimer theme birthday banner which had a ghosts holding up  four fingers, two twenty four inch tall slimer characters, centerpieces with Ghostbuster characters, and cut lime green table clothes to look like slime on the tables. His mom got an awesome cake to match his theme and slime for party favors for his friends. He had a blast at his party and I had fun making his decorations!

Reeling in the Big One!

I loved creating the party decorations for my friend’s son’s first birthday. Future fisherman Cale had a fishing theme birthday party. I created a fishing vest invitation. The invitation had 4 pockets, each with a cute little detail on them, a fish, the number 1 representing his age, his initials, and a bobber. Next, I made a t-shirt for Cale to wear on his big day. The shirt had the word one on it. A bobber was added in place of the O and a fish was added to the inside of the letter E. I made a matching high chair banner with the word one on canvas flags and added fabric strips to each side of the flags to add color and and fullness.  For his party decorations, I made a three layer bobber banner that read Happy Birthday Cale, a bobber photo banner to hang a picture of Cale for each month of his first year, fish garland, centerpieces that included a bobber and a fish, confetti, a cake topper, and cupcake toppers. My big surprise to my friend was a painting I made of Cale fishing in a boat. I’m terrible at painting faces so I blew up a picture of Cale’s face and glued it to the canvas and painted a scene of him fishing in a boat. Everyone loved the invitations and party decorations and got a kick out of the painting of Cale. Here are a few pictures of the party decorations. http://www.chelebcreations.etsy.com

Future Mr and Mrs

My customer asked me to make a banner for an engagement party she was throwing for a friend. She had no idea what she wanted, but it had to say Future Mr and Mrs Sheldon. She said she trust that I will make something she will like and gave me a picture of the party invite to build my creation off of. The invite was a dark blue with rose gold and light pink accents. After about 5 minutes of brainstorming design ideas, I decided to keep it simple with a little flare at the bottom of each flag. I loved the way it came out and my customer thought it was perfect. I currently sell this banner on my Etsy page $35 plus shipping. http://www.chelebcreations.etsy.com

Beer Caddy for your Daddy

FullSizeRender-11Guys are so hard to buy for and the same goes for making a gift for them. I could not think of anything to get or make for my cousin for his birthday. I thought I would just buy him a six pack and a card and call it a day. My creative mind kicked in gear and that is when I thought to personalized a beer caddy for him. The beer caddy is a great gift for birthdays, Father’s day, or even groomsmen gifts for those guys that are hard to buy for. I sell this personalized caddy for $25 plus $6 for shipping, beer is not included. Please message me if interested in purchasing a beer caddy.

Baby Tees for Mommas to Be

I love how cute these shirts came out. My neighbors announced they were in the process of adopting a baby girl. They love boating at our community lake so I knew I had to make tops for their little one with lake designs. My favorite baby tee was the Lake Conway Baby because I designed the sun graphic on the shirt. I usually use graphics available in the software I use to create my designs, but I did not like the suns that were available so I designed my own. My other friend loves going to Disney World so I made cute Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess inspired tops. I also love arrows and personalizing gifts with names so I combined the two and made cute tops with each of the babies’ name on them. Both parents loved the tops and I enjoyed making them! Tops are available to purchase for $12 each. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing personalized tops.

Flower Power

When my friend announced she was having a baby girl, I messaged her right away and said I wanted to do the decorations for her baby shower. I have been wanting to do a large paper flower backdrop and baby Ember was the perfect reason to make one. The flowers and name banner are made of cardstock and I purchased the wood vinyl backdrop off Amazon. The larger flowers were 20 inches and the smaller ones were 8 inches. I found a bunch of tutorials to make the flowers on Pinterest and they were very easy to follow. The only challenge I had was hanging all 21 flowers and a vinyl backdrop to a wall. Luckily I have a husband with tv production experience who knew how to rig a backdrop together. I had so much fun making this backdrop and the mom to be and all of her guest were blown away.

Bischof Wedding Signs

This wedding sign was made for my sister and brother in law’s wedding in North Carolina to help direct guest to the wedding venue. My mother in law purchased the reclaimed barn wood from a local shop and the lighted arrow at a craft store. My father in law found the perfect size tree in his backyard to cut down to create the posts to support the signs. I created a stencil for the sign and sponged the paint onto the board. It was a team effort to pull this project off. I loved that the sign brought a smile to my sister and brother in law during the stressful time of planning a wedding. The signs were a great touch and set the tone for the country, mountain feel of the wedding theme.

How I Started In the Etsy Business


During our weekly coffee dates, my friends and I were looking for ideas for my sister-in-law’s upcoming bachelorette party. Chelsea, who was in charge of the bachelorette weekend, found a couple of decorations that she fell in love with and was ready to purchase until I said “wait! I can make that!” Chelsea questioned my abilities and asked if I could start it right away, in which I responded “so if it doesn’t look good, you can purchase the ones online?” We laughed but knew that was exactly what she was thinking.

What my friends did not know was that I have this creative mind but never was able to show my capabilities. I always volunteered to help create decorations for parties we threw but no one took me up on my offer. Maybe it was because they knew how much I worked so bringing a dish was easier on me. However, I felt I should have been involved in the decorating because I could have made the exact decorations they purchased. I would have saved my friends a lot time and money!

Chelsea, with doubt, was the first to take me up on my offer to help make decorations for my sister in law’s bachelorette party. After we left the coffee shop, I went straight to the craft store to pick out supplies for the banner I was going to make. I rushed home and went straight to work. I traced out each letter on to card stock paper and cut each letter out by hand. I hole punched each letter at the top and hung them on a string. The process took two hours and my hands were sore from all the cutting. I was excited for the end result and sent a picture to Chelsea for approval. She loved it and began sending me pictures of other decorations she wanted for the party.

One day, Chelsea and I were chatting about life and money. I expressed to her my concerns of being a new stay at home mom and the guilt of not providing financially for our family. She suggested that I open my own Etsy shop and sell my banners. I quickly shot the idea down. A couple of hours worth of work, soreness from the long use of scissors, cost of supplies, none of it was worth the price that the banners were selling for on Etsy.

I saw an ad on my community Facebook page for a Cricut machine. I had no idea what this machine was used for, but it looked craft related which instantly grab my attention. Through research I figured out it was a machine to cut materials into any shape I wanted out of many types of material. I wish I had this machine when I was making decorations for my sister’s bachelorette party! I had to have it for making decorations in the future. To my luck, Joann’s had the newest model of the Cricut machine on sale and I became a proud owner of the amazing Cricut machine.

I thought it was best to start with the banner I created by hand for my sister in law’s bachelorette weekend.  I knew the exact look and measurements I wanted so it would be an easy starter project. It took me 30 minutes to design, cut, and hang on a string. It was so easy and much faster than cutting all out by hand. I then remember Chelsea’s suggestion of opening an Etsy shop so I decided to open one so I could create more banners for quick, easy money.

I opened an Etsy account and within two days I got my first sale. I am currently selling two to three banners a week. Although it is not enough to support a family, it is enough to support my retail therapy. Thank you Chelsea for your support and encouraging me to open my Etsy shop.